Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RV Walls - Brainstorming Session!

Since the RV progress has been stunted by a temporary funding interruption until Thursday (in between the lines:  we're coasting until payday), I decided to brainstorm about the wall covering options before jumping into my original thought - which was Formica.

That may sound like an odd choice for a wall covering, but I've heard of it being used on RV walls before.  It's lightweight, pliable, and (relatively) easy to install.  If you're thinking that also sounds hideous, think again.  There are a gazillion new designs, and some of them are pretty trippy if I do say so myself:

Endless Smoke reminds me of the LED bars at a Pretty Lights show, or just general sound levels on electronic equipment.  For a funky RV headed to music festivals, it seems perfect.  Love it.

Blueberry Halftone and Tangelo Halftone are two of the most fun patterns I've ever seen. It's like music for the eyes!  I think it might be too much for the walls, but I'm keeping it in mind for the tiny countertop in the kitchen....

Mint Dotscreen might not look that exciting, but the overall effect of it on the walls would be pretty trippy!  It's a definite contender in the Formica category.  There's also a Tangelo like this, but I think that might give me a headache.

Because the theme of the RV is to be as fun and trippy as possible, it's unlikely I would end up going with something simple like this.  But it's worth noting that it's an available option!

As Formica goes, this lemony Citrus Halftone is definitely a frontrunner.  It's soothing, yet energizing.  Fun when it would need to be, and relaxing when it was time for that.     

As it turned out, when I did the brainstorming for my last post about the flooring, I found out a little bit about vinyl floor coverings and started looking into them for walls.  eazywallz.com has lots of options in all kinds of amazeballs images.  Some of my faves?

The Andromeda Galaxy.  I can't tell you how much I would love, love, LOVE to have this on my walls on the daily.

Still really searching for a truly amazing forest photo.  This one is just OK.  I'd like one that was a little more...enchanted?

Definitely my favorite!  I love the birch trees!

All of these IMPOSSIBLY trippy patterns make me wish I was still acquainted well enough with Photoshop to actually try them out.  I'd really like to think I might even be able to incorporate multiple different ones into the tiny space I have.  Then again, I'm going for trippy, not nauseating.

We'll see!  Suggestions welcome!  What did you put into your RV project?