Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today is the first day blogging for moondreams&magic.  As I am quite aware that I have absolutely zero current subscribers, it does feel a little like I'm talking to myself.  I'll get over it.  I'm kind of used to that.

So for now we're mainly concentrating on the RV renovation.

Here's an intro to the RV, our 1973 Dodge Coachman Reo Pace Arrow.  Yeah, it seems to have an awful lot of names.  We're still trying to ascertain exactly what it is, but for now it's dubbed the "Starcatcher."  This is more than likely a temporary name that will end up giving way to its real name, which will probably be determined once it's been taken on a road trip or two.

Our first experience with the Starcatcher came in the form of not being able to find the place she was located.  The yard was so overgrown, it was barely possible to see the tiny house from the road.  We drove down a short gravel driveway and parked in front of a small metal workshop with a bonfire in a barrel outside.  And there it was...


I mean, she wasn't much to look at right off the bat.  The light wind caused the door, which was hanging on the hinges, to clatter against the exterior skin.  Sad-looking streams of moldy tears dripped from her soggy roof, and a horde of leaves had to be brushed away to pop the hood open so Ryan and our saint of a mechanic, Charles, could look inside.

When I finally got the guts to venture inside, I was pleasantly surprised....

The interior was nice and clean.  Lots of original charm to work with.

We checked out all of the inside....

Then started it up...

Everything looked good!  

It had to be hot-wired, but this was a minor detail.  The Saint gave us the go-ahead, and we jumped on the opportunity to purchase.  In short order, we had done the deal and brought her on home.  Ryan spent the entire Sunday afternoon pressure-washing the outside and making her shine.  

Proud RV parents!

More info on the plans for the Starcatcher and her renovation to come next.  Stay tuned!

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