Monday, April 15, 2013

Removing Cabinets

Well, the good news is that the RV's cabinets are coming out slowly but surely.  In more irritating news, the original handles in there were gorgeous, so I wanted to keep and reuse them.  Why is this irritating?  Because they were installed with square screws 40 years ago, so they are less than simple to extract.
The're gorgeous, though.

So we started by gradually removing all of the cabinet doors from the RV.
I say "gradually" because it's taking forever.

We're keeping the cabinet frames, since they appear to be in pretty good condition.
They'll come out just before we replace the wall and go back in afterwards.

The wood is actually pretty beautiful.
And I definitely want to save this little plaque!

I removed the hardware from the cabinets.  This took even longer than removing the actual doors.
These will get a rejuvenation and then new patina treatment later.  For now, I just gave them a superquick wash in an all natural tea tree oil based cleaner.  Because of the small and contained nature of RV space, I'm trying to be very careful what cleaners have been used.  We'll probably use some bleach during the de-molding phase, and perhaps some kind of insect barrier (it is going to be our road home, after all), but besides that everything will hopefully stay natural.  

I'll be moving onto the back soon!  Hopefully we'll have some sketches soon of the box storage bench-to-table that we've been designing.  I'm definitely in need of some kind of 180-degree hidden hinge.  Looks like a trip to Lowe's will be due soon...


  1. So cool, Jess! I love watching the progress already! I wanna road trip with y'all! ;)