Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fun Ideas & Organizing

Well it's been raining, glooooooomy, and difficult to work on the RV in the soggy weather, so I've been working on other things in the meantime.  Beware, some random posts are surely incoming!

As I said, it's been raining and the lack of sun is destroying my soul a little bit.  The art spirit in me is really not being fed, and Pinterest's vast supply of craft porn just isn't cutting it anymore.  So I went to Hobby Lobby the other day.  As usual, I died instantly.

Apparently, they recently received a new shipment of crap that is specifically designed to be placed directly into my home and RV.

Sadly for them, I won't be paying any of their super-high retail markup.  But I WILL be making my own versions of these funsies with the secondhand supplies I cull from the local garage sale scene.

They also fed my birch tree obsession.  This gives me the idea to see how much it might be to get a nice-sized vinyl printed up like this at FedEx and use it for the wall along the RV kitchen.  Hmmmmm....

The cute stuff there was neverending...

I've already purchased a tiny ottoman ($2) at a garage sale that can be easily recovered into something like the ones in the above photo, at the top right.  My cats have already adopted it for now.  And little bench in the front gives me a kind of seating idea for the RV that I might be able to pull off if I'm talented enough.  We'll see, I'm still sketching it out.  

Speaking of sketching, I went ahead and sketched out the floor.  I ordered some samples of rubber floor and Terazzo from, a flooring company that has some very cool options, including a custom-mixable rubber flooring option that uses recycled tires!  Love it.

When I got home, I was SUPER EXCITED to discover that a whole new round of RV stickers had arrived!    We ordered these from a super cool sticker collector that had toured with the Grateful Dead in the '80s - some of these he makes himself.

This is a limited edition super rare Grateful Dead glow in the dark Alien Dancing Bear sticker - it was this first one I found that lead me to the awesome seller's store.

An amazing Joey Mars sticker called "Acid Trip."  Enough said!

Some of the others we got.  We ended up purchasing about 25 stickers in all - this is just a sneak peek until the project is finished!

And finally, the project I was the most proud of:  LOOK AT MY DESK!!!  This usually serves as a landing spot/storage space for all things that fall there when we walk through the door.  I added the shelf below the painting and organized the crap, now I FINALLY have enough space for sewing!  Hurray!

I guess I have to work on this one next....(sigh, sadly, this is AFTER I had straightened it up a little, too...)

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